Why advance planning is important for maintaining your balance

You may not understand how much advance planning can do for maintaining your balance, but I would like to show you how it can.

Many people don’t seem to understand how much advance planning can do for maintaining their balance but I’m going to show you

I have always been a planner and planning for holidays is no exception. I’ve usually bought at least one Christmas gift for next year before New Year’s Day. When all the festivities have concluded on Christmas Day, I sit down and reflect on the wonderful holiday and then get on to planning next year.

Gifts people got this year or a comment that was made will often times trigger ideas for next year. Sometimes, there was something that they really wanted but I couldn’t afford on my budget. If they didn’t get it from someone else, I immediately put it on next year’s list and start watching for sales that will bring it in line with the budget. Or, maybe there is someone else who also buys for that person that would be interested in going together to get the thing they really want. By making out my gift list immediately after the holiday, I have the opportunity to find unique things for people on my list throughout the year.

But gifts aren’t the only thing that can really benefit from advance planning for the holidays. Many holiday items go on sale during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I note what decorations I’d like to add next year and where my stock level of Christmas cards, wrapping paper, and other items stand so that I can purchase them during the sales. That has the extra benefit of being one thing that I don’t have to worry about during the hustle and bustle of next year.

And probably most importantly, my budget benefits from the advance planning. By planning early, I’m able to spread the expenses over the entire year rather than trying to come up with all of the money at once in December.

My Christmas Planner is a great way to keep track of your advance planning, and it’s FREE in July. Print out one copy to use this year and then print out some of the pages to start planning next year as soon as this year is over. I promise you’ll thank me in December.

Advance planning doesn’t just help on the biggest holiday of the year, it helps with all the little things all year long. It’s great for birthdays because you can watch for something perfect for each person on your list through the year and get them a much more personal gift at a much better price.

It also works for decorations for every season and holiday, wait until they go on sale to purchase items either right before the holiday or right after. By purchasing a little bit on sale each year, it won’t be long before you have everything you need to have a beautifully decorated home for every day of the year.

Many people don’t seem to understand how much advance planning can do for maintaining their balance but I’m going to show you

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