Baking Shelf Organization

As the holiday season started, I found that I needed some help with my baking supplies. They were scattered over multiple shelves in my pantry with no rhyme or reason. Keep reading to find out how I solved the problem with baking shelf organization.

Baking Shelf Organization

For several years my chronic illnesses have been flaring and making it hard for me to keep things organized. In addition, we moved during that time so in this house, very few things were actually ever organized.

Before Baking Shelf Organization Project

The baking supplies were stored in the pantry but there wasn’t a designated area for them. Many times, I’ve bought something that I already had because I couldn’t find it. Here’s what the pantry looked like before I started this project.

Baking Shelf Organization

I didn’t really pay attention when I took these pictures, but you can actually see some of the duplicates in them. Oh well.

To do a good job of simplifying and organizing any area, the first step is to empty everything out of the space. While it’s empty, this is also a good time to deep clean the area.

This is the result of emptying the shelves and getting rid of all the duplicates.

Baking Shelf Organization

As you can tell from the photo above, I’ve already started putting things in the baskets. The ones I used are available from Amazon in a box of 6 baskets.

After Baking Shelf Organization Project

I ended up with 3 baskets. One basket contains all of the gluten-free baking products. The second basket contains baking items like baking powder and general baking needs. Finally, the third basket contains items used for decorating baked goods.

The results of the completed baking shelf organization project are pictured below.

Baking Shelf Organization

I think this project did a great job of organizing the baking shelf in my pantry. Now, I just need to do the other 4 shelve. That’s a job for another day.

This method of organizing is very similar to the one I did in my spice cabinet. Check it our here Spice Cabinet Organization.

Do you have any organizational ideas that are helpful in a pantry? I’d love to hear from you – just enter a comment below. I promise to read every single one.

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