Crafty Gifts Guide

This unique list of crafty gifts will give you gift ideas for crafty friends that are for any occasion! Come check out some great gift ideas for those that love to DIY, create, and build.

I’ve included the best gifts for cricut users, gifts for crafty moms, gifts for crafty people, and lots of arts and crafts gift ideas. This Christmas wish list will work for any crafty person. I’ve included gifts for craft lovers of all types. You’ll find the best gifts for crafters, gifts for artsy people, and gift ideas for cricut users. This is the ultimate list of crafty gifts for this holiday season.

So lets get to it. Here are my top recommendations for all the crafters in your life.

1. Cricut Maker Cutting Machine

Cricut Maker - crafty gifts

Cricut Maker – If you can afford it, this is definitely my #1 recommendation. I use my Cricut every day for all kinds of craft projects. These machines cut out all sorts of paper, vinyl, fabric, leather, and even lightweight wood. You are limited only by your imagination to design things on your computer for your machine to cut out. I recommend that you buy them one of the bundles that comes with materials so they can use their machine immediately.

2. Self-Healing Cutting Mat

self-healing cutting mats - crafty gifts

I have several of these self-healing cutting mats in my craft room and honestly could still use one or two more. I don’t know how many times I damaged the surfaces of my desk and craft table before these. They come in a variety of sizes so you can get one that fits your area perfectly.

3. Craft Kit

crafting subscription boxes 

Print Cut Craft DIY Kits, Crate Joy Crafters Kits, or Kristy’s Craft Room – This is a fun gift for both the giver and receiver. You can give a single kit or a monthly subscription service to a craft kit so that you get remembered every month. There are actually several that I recommend so choose any of the ones listed.

4. Mouse Sander

Black & Decker Mouse Sander - crafty gifts

Black & Decker Mouse Sander – This is a must have for a beginning crafter. This is a great sander for multiple projects in a small size that’s easy to use. And this one is cordless which means it can go anywhere.

5. Cricut Supplies

The owner of a Cricut will never turn down or get bored with new supplies for their machine. You can purchase a selection of vinyl, pens, cardstock, faux leather, heat transfer vinyl, wood, or any other combination available. Any of these will make the crafter’s heart happy.

6. Sewing Machine

Singer Heavy Duty 4432 Sewing Machine - crafty gifts

I actually got rid of my sewing machine when we moved, big mistake! Even though I no longer sew clothes and other large projects, I’ve found a machine comes in very handy for a lot of different craft project. I bought this Singer Heavy Duty 4432 Sewing Machine and love it.

7. Desk Lamp

Ottlite LED desk lamp - crafty gifts

Whether you sew, crochet, make papercrafts, or jewelry, good lighting is key to great crafts. This flexible Ottlite LED desk lamp has three different levels of brightness and comes with a wireless charging base and USB charging port. This might seem like a simple gift for a crafty person but I guarantee that it will be one that will be used almost every day.


8. Orbital Sander

DeWalt 20-Volt Brushless Cordless Random Orbital Sander - crafty gifts

DeWalt 20-Volt Brushless Cordless Random Orbital Sander – This is the most used sander in our workshop. It’s great for sanding previously stained wood down to the natural finish and smoothing rough boards. Best of all, it’s cordless so we don’t have to worry about where we’re working on a project.

9. Crafting Membership

CreativeBug - crafty gifts

Know a crafter that likes to constantly try new things. Treat them to a membership in CreativeBug. For a very small fee they get access to classes in almost every crafting genre that exists and new classes are added daily. Your crafter won’t have any trouble finding something new to do any time they want it.

10. Set of Paint Brushes

IRO Artist Paint Brush Set - crafty gifts

A set of paintbrushes that comes with its own carrying case makes a fantastic gift for anyone that enjoys arts and crafts. Try to buy them paintbrushes that are made for the type of art or crafts that enjoy doing the most. If you don’t know the type of painting they do the most, you can get them this multipurpose IRO Artist Paint Brush Set.

11. Cricut Joy

Cricut Joy - crafty gifts

If you know a crafter that really only wants to create paper crafts then the Cricut Joy is the perfect gift. It’s compact – small enough to fit in a shoe box – and can be operated right from your phone. This mini maker allows you to create cards, stickers, and other small crafts. The Cricut Joy would even be a good gift for someone who has a larger cutting machine because there are actually some things that are simpler on it.

12. Paint

RiseBrite Watercolor Paint Set - crafty gifts

There are so many craft projects that you use paint to make. Buy this Shuttle Art 50 Colors Acrylic Paint Set and you’ll give them every color they could need. I know I am always looking for the right color to use in my projects. If they’re more of an artist than a crafter you could buy them this RiseBrite Watercolor Paint Set

13. Craft and Sewing Tote Bag

Everything Mary Craft Bag Organizer Tote - crafty gifts

It’s always fun to take your supplies and go to a new place to craft. I love crafting in the park and taking my supplies along when we travel. This is a very thoughtful for anyone that is really into crafting. This Everything Mary Craft Bag Organizer Tote is something they can take with them and use whenever they craft on the go.

14. Dremel Rotary Tool

Dremel Variable Speed Multipurpose Rotary Tool - crafty gifts

Dremel Variable Speed Multipurpose Rotary Tool – Tis is such a handy tool to have. It grinds, cuts, sands, polishes, and engraves. But we find we use the cutting discs most often. This version is even cordless making it even handier.

15. Craft Storage Cart

Giantex 15-Drawer Organizer Cart - crafty gifts

More craft storage is always a need but I’m running out of space to put stationary storage. This Giantex 15-Drawer Organizer Cart is great because it provides cool, unique and functional craft storage that can be moved where needed, and the bright colors provide some great inspiration and cheer. Combine it with a self-healing cutting mat from above and you’ve also created a rolling workstation.

16. Hot Glue Gun and Glue

Surebonder Full Size Glue Gun - crafty gifts

A great gift for any crafter is a hot glue gun. I love this Surebonder Full Size Glue Gun for 2 reasons, it is dual temperature and it is auto-shut-off. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left my heat gun on for extended periods of time, both a fire risk and something that eventually destroys the glue gun itself.

17. Mod Podge

Mod Podge Matte - crafty gifts

This doesn’t seem like a great gift but you would be surprised just how much of this a crafter uses. There are many types of Mod Podge but I think the most useful is this Mod Podge Matte. This even makes a great stocking stuffer.

18. Heat Press

Cricut EasyPress Bundle - crafty gifts

A heat press is a must if you want to make t-shirts but it’s useful for many other projects too. Did you know you can use heat transfer vinyl on wood? This Cricut EasyPress is great option. Don’t forget to get a heat mat if you don’t buy a bundle that includes it.

19. Staple Gun

Arrow T-59 Heavy Duty Staple Gun - crafty gifts

Arrow T-59 Heavy Duty Staple Gun – This staple gun helps make general repairs, works on upholstery, and does crafting projects too. This easy-to-use staple gun belongs in every crafter’s tool arsenal.

20. Wire Cutters

BOENFU Wire Cutters - crafty gifts

Wire cutters are one of the handiest tools I have in my craft room. They are great for working with fake flowers and for cutting, guess what, wire. I love this pair of BOENFU Wire Cutters because of the ergonomic design and length and padding of the handles of the handles, they keep my hands from hurting when working on a larger project like a wreath. I prefer to use wire whenever possible to attach things to craft projects because it doesn’t degrade over time so it helps the crafts last longer. This is a crafty gift that they might not see coming but they’re definitely going to earn a place in the most used tools.

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