Adding Seasonal Color to Your Landscape

Looking for an easy way to add seasonal color to your landscape? Here’s a quick way to create planters that add to your home’s curb appeal. T

I don’t know about you, but I love gardening, except for the part where you have to wait to see the results of your work. I’ve been planting seeds and bulbs to bloom later in the spring and fall but since we have a new house the landscaping is extremely boring right now and I just want everything to grow NOW!

I’ve seen subscriptions services that send you seasonal plants for an entry way three times a year, but these are expensive ($75 per time and more just for the flowers). I don’t want to spend that much but I want to seasonal color at my front door, so I decided to DIY it.

I made a quick trip to my local Lowe’s garden center. I purchased 2 pots (which I’ll continue to replant each season), some potting mix and 2 Ready Refill arrangements. Total investment was only about $50 now and resets each season will be less than $25, much cheaper than the services.

Step 1 – Prepare the Pot

For a new pot, you’ll need to add potting soil to fill it up enough for the plants to sit about 1” below the edge of the pot. If you’ve got pots that you’ve been using then you’ll just need to pull out the old refill to make room for the new flowers.


Step 2 – Add Seasonal Color

With the Ready Refill system, adding the seasonal color is super simple. Just use the pot to create a depression the appropriate size, cut the plastic pot off, and sit the plants in your planter. If this is your first time planting in the pot, you’ll probably need to add additional potting soil around the edges of the Ready Refill clump. The real beauty of this system is that as the season changes, all you have to do is pull out the old flowers, create a depression, and add a new seasonal collection.

Step 3 – Add Other Items to Complete Your Display

Once I had the pots completed, I realized that there needed to be something up high also. I went back to Lowe’s and purchased 3 pre-planted hanging pots to add.

Final Results

I’m happy with the added seasonal color. I think it adds a lot to our curb appeal. Even after my plantings start to fill in, I’ll probably keep the pots on the porch and switch out the annuals in them each season.

I’ll probably switch the hanging plants out for more permanent planters that match and then just replant them each season, but I didn’t have time for that now.

I would also to raise the lower pots up some so they are more visible over the bushes. I’ll probably either buy taller planters or have my husband build me some sort of stand for them.

Let me know what you think about my front porch, and what you would add (I know it still needs a lot) in the comments below. Have ideas for future posts? Let me know at


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  1. Janet , I love your blog and your lovely flowers gave me great joy today as they brought back cherished memories of a different time and place. Congrats for being one of our Featured Friends at Friendship Friday at Create With Joy!

  2. Hi Janet, Your seasonal pots are so pretty. Love the colors! I’d love to invite you to also share this on the Sundays on Silverado link party that opens tomorrow!

    Niky @ The House on Silverado