5 Ways to Create Joy This Summer

Creating joy is more vital than ever in this world of 24/7 news programming filled with politics, crime, scandal, and divisiveness. Summer is a wonderful time for creating joy because of all the things you can do outdoors. Being outdoors creates its own joy above that of the activity you’re doing.

Here are 5 ideas to try this summer to create joy in your life.

1. Delegate tasks you don’t want to do. Any work that needs doing and can easily be done by someone else, if it doesn’t bring you joy, delegate it.

Delegating doesn’t have to be hard. Ask your spouse or kids to help with a regular chore. Many times you’ll find they’re happy to help, they just don’t know what needs to be done.

You can also hire someone to help. There’s no shame in hiring a cleaning or lawn service to help take off some of the load. Check out options at Care.com.

Lighten your load 3d words on a scale encouraging you to reduce your workload by decreasing the number of jobs, tasks or projects that are burdening you


2. Spend time with friends and family. Our loved ones are our most precious asset in life. The joy to be found in spending time with them is immeasurable.

Over the past year, COVID has kept us from spending time with just about anyone but our immediate family. Now that things are looking better, spending time with extended family and friends in outdoor settings is safe so let’s take advantage of it.

Schedule a backyard BBQ and invite a few friends. Have a picnic with the grandparents. There is no limit to the number of activities you can do to spend time with the important people in your life.

Friends around a grill


3. Visit your nearest State or National Park. The joy of connecting with nature, plus the awesome wonder of our National Parks is a potent combination. Add to that, most State and National Parks have low admission fees making them a budget friendly activity for the whole family.

No matter where you live in the US there is most likely a National Park within a few hours drive. Go to the National Park Service Find A Park site to find a park that interests you.

Find the State Parks near you by searching the internet for “State Parks in STATE” where STATE is your individual state name.

Want a book to peruse with the National or State Parks? Check out this selection.

Scene of lake and mountain from a national park



4. Make room in your budget for fun.

You don’t need a lot of money but by creating a budget for trips and activities that create joy you’ll always have the funds when you’re ready to do an activity. Set aside just $10 a week and before you know it, you’ll have plenty for the activities you want to do.

Visit an amusement park, a zoo, or a trampoline park. Go see a movie, a play, or a musical. Whatever a fun event looks like for you, create a joy budget to realize it.

Piggy bank with hand depositting a bill


5. Hug a tree. Literally. Hugging a tree grounds you in the joy of life itself. Going barefoot increases that connection with Mother Earth.

Think hugging a tree sounds a little weird? Try gardening instead. Any activity that gets you in touch with the nature around you will create immense joy.

Even taking a walk in a park or scenic area can bring you the joy of nature. Be creative about adding more nature to your life.

kid hands embracing a tree trunk


Creating joy in your life can be simple or elaborate, solitary or sociable. But the main thing creating joy is, is vital to living your best life. Spend the effort to create joy in your life this summer and see how much you get in return.

How do you create joy? Let me know in the comments below.

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