DIYer Gift Guide

DIYers can be kind of hard to shop for. They just make everything anyway, so what does one get them? Easy; things to help them make things. So, to help narrow it down, here’s a handy DIYer Gift Guide.

DIYers always can use extra kits, supplies, and storage for supplies. There are actually quite a lot of options. This handy list of Gifts for the DIYer in Your House will help you pick the perfect option.


You can’t go wrong with supplies for a DIYer. They are always running out of something or another. So load them up ahead of time, and they will be grateful.

Drawing Supplies

This set is perfect for the artist family member. If they like to draw, this Drawing Supplies Sketching Kit has literally everything they could need in one place.

Paint Supplies

Scrapers, sponges, canvas, easel; this paint supplies kit has it all. Make the painter in your life very happy. Or the aspiring painter, since this kit has all they will need to get started.

Card Making Supplies

This Floral Card Making Kit is a great introduction to the card making world. Whether a card making pro or a complete beginner, this kit offers so many options.

Vinyl Sheet Packs

For all your Cricut/Cameo-using family members, a Vinyl Value Pack is the perfect gift. Anyone who uses these machines needs tons of it. For the right person, you really can’t go wrong with this one.


Ribbon can be used in so many crafts. And there is never enough ribbon. This 20 Colors Satin Ribbon pack will keep your crafter working happily.

Sewing Supplies

This sewing kit is the boss. Portable and complete, the 206 Pcs Needle and Thread Sewing Kit is ideal for any seamstresses or seamsmiths on your list.


If you’re doing a job and it’s hard, you probably aren’t using the right tool. There are a lot of projects that prove just too difficult without the right tools. The gift of a tool or toolset could open a whole new world of DIY crafts.


Woodburning is a unique art form that can produce some amazing results. But it absolutely cannot be accomplished without the proper tools. This 72 pcs Wood Burning Kit Professional Pyrography Wood Burning Tool Kit is a great way to help someone into this world of crafting.

Rotary Tool

A good rotary tool has so many options, and can produce a whole range of results. From sculpting to upcycling furniture, it’s a great thing to have around. This HARDELL Rotary Tool Kit gives a great start, and it has so many pieces that unlock so many options.

Staple Gun

Fashioning craft items takes a lot of time. And a good fastening tool will really help move things along. This ValueMax Heavy Duty 3-in-1 Manual Nail Gun is not the staple gun of a days gone by, and will help massively when crafting.

Hot Glue Gun

One other tool used to fasten things in crafting is one of the most ubiquitous tools ever. The glue gun is in any good crafter/DIYer’s bag of tricks. But if you want to do some serious crafting, you need a serious glue gun. The RYOBI ONE+ 18V Cordless Dual Temperature Glue Gun Kit is a serious glue gun. It even comes with extra nozzles, a battery & charger.

Storage and Organization

There is one thing that DIYers always need, and that is storage. This section will give some ideas to help the DIYer in your house store and organize their crafting supplies.

Rolling Storage Cart

Storage that rolls is always a plus. This Storage Cart with 12 Plastic Drawers will allow DIYers to roll their supplies from room to room.

Storage Tote Bag

Another option for easy travel with crafting supplies is a tote bag. A storage tote bag will keep supplies all in one place and the DIYer can easily work in any room in the house.

Vinyl Organizer

If the DIYer in your home works with vinyl, then a vinyl organizer is just what they need. The organizer hangs on the wall or behind a door so they can easily locate the color and type needed. Pair this with the vinyl value pack mentioned elsewhere in this post.

DIY Kits

DIYers enjoy exploring new crafts. Give them a kit that will allow them to try something new.

Macrame Kit

This Moon and Star Macrame Kit can help introduce a new art form, or assist a DIYer in an old art form that they are still participating in. Macrame produces unique art; while most people have seen it, not many are that familiar with it.

Candle Making Kit

Candle Making is a fun activity that is easy to get into, but can still yield some impressive results. A DIY Starter Scented Soy Candle Making Kit gives your DIYer everything they need to make beautiful candles.

Felt Succulents Kit

Felt succulents are a great idea, especially for people who can’t keep a plant alive to save their life. The Craft Crush Felt Succulents Kit lets your DIYer make plants that can’t die, and are beautiful art to boot.

Jewelry Making Kit

Making jewelry is always popular with DIYers. This Modda Deluxe Jewelry Making Kit has so many options, your DIYer can produce loads of jewelry in all sorts of styles.

Soap Making Kit

All those fancy decorative soaps with swirling colors and creative aromas? Somebody has to make those. It’s a great project, and you can help someone get started with this Large Soap Making Kit. It gives a DIYer loads of options for making all sorts of soaps.

Crafting Tables

While portability and kits and carrying cases are great, nothing beats a dedicated crafting table. Organizing supplies just so, not having to worry about damaging furniture, just getting into the right head space; a table is a necessity.

Hobby Desk

This classy and modern white desk has plenty of storage, plus great work space.

Drawing Table

The classic drafting table handles artistic duties easily. The Topeakmart Height Adjustable Drafting Table Art Craft Desk Work Station is classy and offers all the standard drafting table accoutrements, plus some storage thrown in.

Sewing Station

Made especially for the thread slingers out there, the Best Choice Products Folding Sewing Table Multipurpose Craft Station & Side Desk is tailor-made for sewing. It has storage for sewing machines, thread, yarn, whatever is necessary.

This should demystify shopping for a DIYer. Yes, they make everything, but they still need tools, supplies, and a workspace to make anything. That’s where you can swoop in to help out. Happy shopping.

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