Gift Guide for the Cricut Owner

Does someone on your holiday shopping list own a Cricut? This Cricut owner gift guide will show you an assortment of ideas to help you find the perfect gifts for the Cricut owner. From supplies to gadgets, there are lots of opportunities to make them smile.

What is a Cricut?

First of all, let’s get familiar with what exactly a Cricut is. A Cricut is a cutting machine that delivers precision when cutting materials like paper or vinyl. Make a design on the computer and then the Cricut uses a tiny blade to cut it out. You can make custom shirts, stickers, decals, cards, decorations, and so much more. There are many posts on my blog that use a Cricut. Check the links at the bottom for some of them.

Now that you know a little bit more about it, let’s get into the gifts for the Cricut owner.


Going with supplies is an easy choice when it comes to getting the perfect gift. Every DIYer or crafter needs supplies, and these will definitely be put to use.


The most needed supply a Cricut owner will appreciate is vinyl. Get a sample pack with tons of different colors like a Vinyl Value Pack or go with an assortment of their favorite color like Holographic Rose Gold Vinyl pack.

Cardstock Paper

Cardstock is needed for projects like making cards or just cutting out shapes. You can get a bundled cardstock pack that includes both colored sheets and glitter sheets.

Cutting Mats

This pack of four cutting mats will make sure that your crafter friends or family will have a mat for whatever type of project they are working on. 

Gifts for Making Shirts

A popular type of project with the Cricut machine is making custom shirts. Supplies to help out with it are a surefire hit.

Women’s V Neck T-Shirt

Sometimes, the basics are best. You can’t make a shirt project without a shirt. Give your artist their canvas with this Cricut Women’s V Neck T-Shirt.

T-Shirt Ruler Guide

When making a custom shirt, just knowing what size your image needs to be and exactly where to place it is a huge part of the challenge. Help your favorite Cricut owner avoid this with a T-shirt Ruler Guide/Alignment Tool.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

You need a special type of vinyl when making shirts. This vinyl bundle includes 31 of the most popular matte colors, 14 of the most popular Camouflage and Leopard Print HTV colors, 8 Holographic HTV colors, 1-piece Teflon sheet and free weeding tweezers.

Heat Press Machine

Once the appliques are cut, they still need to be applied to the t-shirt in question. This takes heat and pressure. And while it can be accomplished with an iron, a heat press such as this HTVRONT Heat Press Machine does the job more easily, smoothly, and gives a better finished product.


What is any crafting without fun gadgets? Little odd things that the uninitiated could stare at all day without figuring out what they are for. They make jobs easier, and they make you look like an official DIYer.

Weeding Scrap Collector Ring

Weeding is something that might sound odd, but any Cricut user will know what it is. Because they do it. A lot. And those little bits of paper and vinyl get everywhere. Anything that helps will be much appreciated. This Tweexy Craft Vinyl Weeding Scrap Collector Ring will be a godsend.

Cricut XL Scraper

Little bits of vinyl and cardstock will stick mats no matter how careful you are. to things when you cut a lot of it. It’s small, it’s sticky, it’s going to get everywhere. A good scraper is a necessity. The Cricut XL Scraper has a wide scraping surface to be more efficient.

Extension Tray

Depending on the setup for the Cricut machine, there may be limited space for your finished sheets to settle when they are expelled from the machine. This Extension Tray will allow projects to settle flat, so they adhere better when applied.


Bundles are a great option because it offers a whole new experience, with all the necessary parts already included.

Cricut Mug Press Infusible Ink Machine Bundle

For the Cricutter who wants to move on from just cutting and sticking things to other things, this Cricut Mug Press Infusible Ink Machine Bundle lets your DIYer go next-level by creating custom mugs.

Cricut Essential Tool Set

There’s nothing wrong with a nice tool kit. It doesn’t have to be super fancy, just useful. And this Cricut Essential 7-Piece Precision Tool Kit nails it perfectly.

Cricut Starter Bundle

What is great about this kit isn’t even the nice assortment of tools and supplies it includes. It’s the beginner’s guide. The Cricut Machine Starter Bundle is a great option for a starting Cricut user.


When you work with expensive sheets of vinyl that can easily be ruined by an errant fold or dogeared corner, storage is key. The gift of storage is a great go-to for a Cricut owner.

Carrying Case for Cricut Maker

This one is a great option to go with. It has storage for all the supplies, and even the actual machine itself! If your DIYer likes to take their setup places, this Carrying Case for Cricut Maker is the carrying case for them.

Desktop Accessory Storage

The great little desktop caddy, ArtBin 6974AG Desktop Accessory Storage with 24 Slots, is designed to hold a variety of electronic cutting machine tools and markers.

Blade Storage Insert

It’s important to keep your blades safely stored away. Not only to protect those living in the house, but also to protect the blades themselves. They are quite small and pretty costly, so keeping them safely put away is important. The Duryeo Blade Storage Insert for Cricut will do just that.

Dust Cover

Another thing to think about is the sheer number of moving parts inside the Cricut. It’s an expensive machine, and the last thing anyone needs is dust getting inside it, gumming things up. This Dust Cover with Pockets for Cricut Accessories and Supplies is a great option to prevent this.

Vinyl Storage Rack

While the portable storage case listed earlier is great for storing a little of everything, more permanent storage is necessary too, especially for vinyl. The 15-Holes Vinyl Storage Rack fills that need nicely.

Cricut Machine Tool Organizer

This Cricut Machine Tool Organizer is a great, stylish way to safely store Cricut tools.

Happy Shopping

There you have it, a whole list of things that can help out your Cricut-using friends and family. A little organization or some extra supplies could be just the thing they were lacking all this time.

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  1. Hi Janet! I have a Cricut but I did not know about some of these accessories! Thanks so much for putting all of this info in one place! Pinning now and adding some items to my Christmas list!!