Pup Mom Crate Review

As a dog mom I always thought it would be nice for my dog to get a monthly box with lots of goodies for the best boy or girl in our life! At the same time, shouldn’t I as a pup mom also get a couple goodies?

Well, what if I could tell you that you could have both for the price of ONE box? Pup Mom Crate has been the best subscription box I have ever signed up for! If you are a dog mom of any type you will definitely want to keep reading!

Every month you get a box that is themed for the month and includes not only gifts for you furry loved one but also gifts for YOU and other fun and cute stuff. Then you get about 3-4 items just for you! These include face masks, lotions, home décor, fashion items, and more! Honestly, every box is a lovely surprise that I have YET to be disappointed in.

These past couple boxes have honestly been a couple of my favorites! The valentine’s Pup Mom Crate was adorable on its own, but the sweet surprise is that it then tied into the march box in a way! One of my favorite gifts to this day is a matching item that me and my dog now have! In the February box I received a necklace that stated, “I Love My Dog”.

While this was cute on its own, to add to the cuteness, in March my dog received a keychain to add to any item of his that stated, “I Love My Mom”. Now we can easily match in the sweetest way!

In each of these boxes my dog received 2-3 different treats and 2 different toys. I received a cute house décor, some self-care love items, and some fashion funs!

All in all, I absolutely got my money’s worth! So much so, that I completely switched my other dog boxes to ONLY the Pup Mom Crate, as it provides everything I need to make not only the PAWfect love of my life feel special, but also provides me with goodies that make me feel loved too!

Interested in getting some fun goodies for your dog, and also some wonderful items for you to? Click this link and get started! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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